Key Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Safe Box

In the world, each person is different, each one has different lifestyles, tastes, needs, and obligations. However, all people must protect and safeguard different types of objects from different possible scenarios, so the best option is usually to use a safe. However, acquiring a safe is an important investment, so different factors must be taken into account in order to make the best and most appropriate decision for each one. Here are eight important tips that ADIMO’s suggest to our customers, please keep them in mind before buying a safe.

Content Value

The value of the content you wish to store in a safe is important and should be one of the main factors in making decisions regarding its security. It is not convenient to place high-value items in a cheap safe, nor is it efficient to place low-value items in a high-value safe. If you want to store items that are very valuable to you, you need a premium safe to protect them.

Security Level

You have to know why you need the safe box, whether to keep your objects out of the reach of children, to protect them from possible thieves, or possible catastrophes such as break-ins, fires, or floods. No matter the case, there are different security levels (low, medium, high and critical), so you should know which one is the one that best suits your needs. For better security and protection, it is recommended to choose a safe with a better-than-average cash rating.

Item Sizes

If you want to store items that don’t take up a lot of space, like photos, jewelry, or passports, you won't need a very large safe. On the contrary, for larger objects such as legal documentation, electronic devices, relics, or others, a larger safe will be more convenient. If you need to keep your gun safe, you'll need to consider its size to choose the size of the safe. Choosing the size of the safe is an important decision; a larger safe will give you more storage space for additional items, but will also take more room.

Safe Portability

In this case, you have two choices: a safe box that is portable or a safe box that is fixed in a permanent location. If you have a portable one, it will be easy to move wherever you need it, but it will be also easy for the thief to move it. if you have a fixed one you will not be able to simply transport it with you wherever you go, but a thief will not be able to move it from where it is either.

Time away from Home/Office

It is very important to keep your home safe and to keep your office safe, as well as to keep your belongings safe. If you spend most of your time at home you will probably not need as much security as someone who is constantly traveling for days, weeks, or even months. You should also consider the risks that your home or office may face. Although accidents can happen at any time, some facilities are at greater risk of fire or flooding than others, depending on their antiquity, location, maintenance, and many other factors.

Extra Features

Not all safes are the same, some have more advanced protection systems than others, such as keys, keyboards, fingerprints, reinforced locks, electronics passwords, intelligent alarm systems, cellphone remote control, emergency keys, master keys, etc. It is advisable to choose the safe that best suits your needs and is consistent with the importance or value of the objects you want to store in it and the accessibility you want to have to them.


A safe can be a major economic investment, so it is important to consider the guarantee it will have. ADIMO recommends considering the performance guarantee, but also considering the guidance, technical support, and other after-sales services that the company can offer. This way you can be sure that you made your investment wisely.

Your Budget

Last but not least, it is important that you consider your budget. You must establish how much money you want to invest to protect your belongings, and it is advisable to prioritize functionality over aesthetics and find the safe that best suits your needs and budget.

ADIMO's Safe Boxes Meet all the Tips!

Following these factors, we can say that ADIMO safes will be able to satisfy all your needs. ADIMO is dedicated to improving safety technology. We want to provide more secure and more reliable products, so we keep researching and developing material and safety technology. We only wish to present the best to customers, to protect your valuables and unreplaced cherished belongings. For these reasons, we offer different models and styles of safes, so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes, needs, and budget. The ADIMO Safe Boxes are easy to access because they have the possibility of using the biometric fingerprint that has the characteristics of a high recognition rate and strong reliability. At the same time, it is equipped with an automatic door opening device, which can open the safe in 1s. Our safes also have the option of the electronic password, which is more convenient to use and solves the pain point of carrying keys. Also, the virtual password function makes you no longer afraid of passwords being peeped at.

Which is the Best for You?

Depending on the model you choose, our safe boxes have different technology from the ordinary digital keyboard unlocking method. ADIMO safe boxes have 4 different types of security: fingerprint unlocks, key password (if you forget the password), master key, and emergency key combinations are also available at any time! In addition, you can have two different ways to access your valuables: the digital password will give you faster access to the safe and the emergency key could open the safe if you forget the personal code. Moreover, this safe is equipped with a second barrier (master key) so that even if someone gets your emergency key or code, they will be shut out of the safe.

On top, our ADIMO safes have their own intelligent alarm system reminding you when your value is in potential danger! The alarming apparatus is sensitive. The alarm will be automatically triggered and the safe box will make a warning sound immediately under the following. The cabinet alarm system will be activated after 3 times of failed passcode attempts or violent vibrations. By entering the correct code, you can stop the alarm, or you can use both the master key and emergency key to open the door and press the reset button.

Our ADIMO home security safes have different dimensions and weights, perfect for adapting to your security needs, and they also have removable shelves for better storage of your preferences. In addition, they are made of low carbon alloy steel material for secure protection and come with a set of accessories, perfect for helping you to install the safe box on the wall. The alloy steel makes the safe box thicker, and therefore, safer from any potential drilling and damage. There are 5 thick bolts at the side of the door, making the door stronger for theft.

Our safes are useful, functional, aesthetic, and easy to use. However, their ease of use does not mean that they are easy to hack or steal, so we recommend reading the instruction manual carefully. In this way, you will be able to make correct use and you will also be able to guarantee the best protection of your belongings.

Finally, you can be sure that its exquisite design and classic colors will fit perfectly into multiple places, such as your home, office, or hotel, becoming one of the stylish decorations